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A network of expat owned DMC’s providing specialized food and beverage tours.

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Our Mission

Our Mission

Fortified Travel Network is a group of expat-owned travel companies who are focused on food and wine, and the culture, history, and traditions surrounding it. Located around the world, we are dedicated to offering high quality travel experiences. We share knowledge and contacts with each other which allows us to provide better experiences to travelers, and to create a community of like-minded companies around the world.

As expat owned companies, we offer experiences with both local native guides along with top experts in their areas of expertise. Our outsider status helps to give us deep insight into our local communities, allowing us to provide more meaningful context for travelers. We support the local communities where we are based, and we are passionate champions for their traditions, local foods, and unique wines. All of our members are respected parts of these communities, seen as accomplished experts in their fields. And all of our companies are dedicated to working with locals first, whose personal stories enrich everything we offer.

Travel with Fortified Network, in the company of locals, for the highest quality food and wine tours around the globe.

Our code of Ethics

Our code of Ethics

We promise to..

…Be accountable to the local communities, as ambassadors for their culture and history.

…Be accountable to our clients, as guides who make sure they experience a fair and balanced look at the local culture and traditions.

…Offer experiences with locals who we consider friends and collaborators.

…Compensate all of our suppliers fairly for their time and products, so we create sustainable tourism and leave a better future for all.

…Not be yes men to our clients, but rather consultants to make sure they get the best experience for their money.

…Promote our countries as authentic culinary destinations, each rich in history, culture and gastronomic traditions.

…Give a voice and visibility to the small-scale farmers and food artisans in our areas, whose approach to food production protects the environment and communities.

…Reinvest a portion of our profits in the local economies and family-run businesses.

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